Monday, April 20, 2009


Three months ago I was on a gay cruise. I was talking to my roommate, who mentioned he got a $30,000 settlement once when he left a job and he said he spent it gradually over the course of a year. I couldn't fathom how he didn't use it as a down payment and buy property.

This got me thinking about my own dreams of owning and how pie in the sky they were. I was traveling all the time, my ability to save is non-existent, and where was I going to get $10,000 from? That's a lot of work on the street corner.

Fast forward 3 months. Labour contract was settled and a huge income tax refund, coupled with overtime from working 60 hours a week and voila! Holy crap, my mortgage was approved. I'm moving June 1st.

There's still a part of me that doesn't believe it, that won't believe it until I move in and the current owner gets the money. I'm signing the waiver tomorrow saying I remove any finance conditions on the sale, that I am on the hook for $153,500.

Can this be real?

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