Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Went to a play at Buddies, Eternal Hydra, tonight.

On the way down it rained and then once inside the theatre, as I was soaked, I noticed it was 100 degrees.

The play was dry and after about an hour of drying not to nod off, I realized I hadn't eaten yet today. My attention span, always relatively short, is shorter lately due to my impending move on Monday. Well, that and McDonalds Rolo iced coffee, which I drink about 7 of a day.

The play ended abruptly and at 9:30 as I left, the usher said "Intermission is 15 minutes" and I ran for my life.

I stopped by Woody's for the launch of the photo-novella "Guys Like You". It was the launch party tonight and they had a huge sign on the front of the bar. Once inside, 10 people in total and no copies of the magazine. Perhaps everyone rushed in at 9, got their copy and then ran home to read it?

Overall a bust.

Tomorrow a dance show hosted by Keith Cole for $10. Should be much better.

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