Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gays are idiots

Buddies in Bad Times, the Toronto gay theatre company, announced their new season recently.

There are a couple of problems with this.

#1 - The season is entirely women (lesbian) driven.
#2 - We're in a recession.
#3 - A large percentage of season subscribers are men. How large? I would guess over 95%.
#4 - They snuck in the new Sky Gilbert show, saying it was a "guest" production. He founded the theatre. How is he a guest?
#5 - Most gays don't support gay plays. Which comes to my "gays are idiots" comment. What percentage of my gay friends listen to Proud FM, Toronto's gay radio station? Zero. What percentage of my gay friends subscribe to the gay theatre? Zero. There's so many reasons, they're not into theatre, they saw one bad show there 20 years ago, they have too many other shows to go to. Fact is a season pass costs $60 and if you want to keep seeing your stories presented, you have to go.
# 6 - Of course the above comment is irrelevant as the only theatre company in Toronto that would present gay stories has chosen to take the year off.

I want to start my own theatre company. First show: Bare. Second show: La Cage Aux Folles. Third show: Beautiful Thing. Fourth show: Cabaret nights, hosted by Keith Cole.

People would run to sign up.

I'm looking for 3 million dollars and a venue. Any takers?


Anonymous said...

Haven't we all had enough Keith Cole and bad ironic drag nights, over-documented in an internet glut of out-of-focus photos? I'd answer yes.

dunnadam said...

Ok, scrap that then. John Caffrey strip show.