Monday, May 11, 2009

A Solution

UPDATE: Someone made a comment calling this post racist garbage. I need clarification as I don't see anywhere below a racist statement.
FACT: These people are from a terrorist organization
FACT: These people protested illegally
FACT: These people put the lives of woman and children in severe danger
I don't really see where they have a leg to stand on.

Tamil Tigers, a listed terrorist organization in Canada and the US, shut down the Gardiner for 6 hours last night, using women and children as human shields. Small children walked onto the 5 lane highway in Toronto to protest a civil war in Sri Lanka.

When these people come here from Sri Lanka, they have nothing. They claim their families are being killed and they plea for refuge status. Then once here they shut down St Clair or the Gardiner, sending children first so the police will be less likely to use tear gas, and break the law to protest a war the Canadian government has absolutely no part in.

Politicians today did not mix words. Mayor David Miller this morning said "[there is a] right way and a wrong way to protest" and "I'm certainly happy to speak to people", causing a ripple of fear in the Tamil community.

The head of the Liberal party of Canada, Michael Ignatieff, echoed these words, saying "I urge Canadian Tamils to continue raising this issue publicly, and to give it the attention it deserves." His words also drove the spike of fear into the Tamils, proving once and for all these illegal protests will not be tolerated.

As I write this helicopters are flying over my house.

Round all these people up, put them on the next plane to Sri Lanka, remove their Canadian citizenship and let them protest over there.

What other city in the world permits a known terrorist organization to shut down their major highways for 6 hours at a time?


Anonymous said...

Racist garbage. Why don't you get out of this city and go back to where you came from?

dunnadam said...

Because I'm not breaking the law