Monday, May 25, 2009


I need some stuff, a few thousand things really, for my new appartment, so I thought I'd do a list.

A bed.
This IKEA one looks nice.


Key features
  • A 2" thick layer of memory foam in the integrated pillowtop molds to your body, improving blood circulation to both muscles and skin and enabling your body to relax more fully.

  • Pocket springs provide precise support for your body.

  • 5 comfort zones relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips.

  • Lyocell in the cover transports moisture away and gives a very pleasant sleeping climate with an even temperature.

  • Stretch fabrics on the top side of the mattress ensures more precise support for your body.

  • The spring construction allows air to flow through the mattress so it stays fresh.

  • Integrated pillowtop with removable, machine washable cover.
Then also the frame ($109), I don't think I need a headboard and footboard, I doubt I'll fall out, and the slats ($80):

Then the desk:

2MORROW Main Desk $349

Features-powder-coated finish provides long lasting, uniform colour-metal construction gives strength and durability-tempered frosted glass is strong and safe, and reduces fingerprint marks

-retractable key board tray makes efficient use of space

-accommodates up to a 17" CRT monitor

-flat-packed item is easy to assemble

I haven't found the perfect sofa yet.
I'll be stealing my dad's TV (it will have to be dark...) and I saw some laptops with HDMI hookup to the TV and 500 GB harddrives for around $700.

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