Saturday, August 14, 2010


In Boston on my iPod waiting for the ferry. I am sitting in a Dunkin Donuts beside the craziest woman in the world.
I got off the plane a few minutes late and ran to my taxi. I thought I might be late for the 2 pm ferry but figured I'd try and maybe the magic of being on vacation would get me there on time.... No.
Got there at 2:03 and missed it. I had to walk to the other ferry terminal, you'd think it would be close, especially as I have the largest, heaviest bag in the world. But no, it's over a mile away down 40 side roads in a place no one has ever heard of.
I get here, it's in the middle of nowhere, and sit down beside Grandma Moses who proceeds to talk my ear off, she is talking still. The police walked in and she's explaining how I shouldn't be nervous as they're here for people's safety.
Looking forward to the ferry. I should get there by 7, and I have a play at 8, it's a 35 minute walk from the hotel. Let's hope my vacation magic gets me there on time too.

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