Thursday, August 19, 2010

P-town Wednesday

Sitting and waiting for the parade to start in P-town. Yesterday we went on a whale watching tour around noon, saw many whales. At one point the boat was surrounded by whales.

Humpback whales, they come up to the surface to breathe and stay for about a minute or two, then dive back down to eat. We had a group of about 5 near our boat, the older ones are about 40 feet long and the babies about 20 feet. The size of them was amazing, as they swam past the boat they take your breath away. It was hard to photograph them and I don't think any of my pictures will do the experience justice - they only stick their tail out of the water for about a second as they're diving down.

Slept on the way back which was nice then off to dinner - we had found a restaurant that serves all local food, grown within 100 miles of here. I expected an elegant experience but when we got there it was all cafeteria style and run by hippies, which was a lot for a $25 entree. I looked at the menu, they were out of the pork and mostly had seafood crap but I saw a steak special and ordered that. A quick 40 min later and I had the best meal I've had all year. Steak with mushrooms and shallots, roast potato with some of the shallots on them and grilled zucchini. A fresh made lime juice on the side and I was in heaven.
I found a new favourite store:

Off to another show after dinner, a drag queen named Hedda Lettuce, which I found disappointing but Alberto enjoyed and then the LONG walk home. The shows have 'pullers' that pull the audience off the street, I really enjoyed this one named Jarrod, he was quite funny, funnier in fact than the show he was promoting.

An excellent relaxing day and I got quite a bit of sun of the whale boat, so I'm tanned and happy.

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