Saturday, August 21, 2010

P-town, last day

The parade was great!
On the way to the parade we passed this house:
It's a loft of the second floor with the bed right there facing the street and a sky light open to the night air, it would feel like you were sleeping outside, and with the cold air from the ocean, I thought this was really cool.
Parade grand marshals Margaret Cho and Bruce Villanch.
Miss Richfield 1981.
Two porn stars from the recently bankrupt Colt studios.
Are these real?
Went back to the hotel to have a rest and noticed the tide was out. There's a 12 foot difference in water level between high and low tide, so the ocean basically leaves:
The theme of the parade was "Jungle Fantasy" this year so there was jungle themed items all over. One blow up monkey got ran over by a car and a little coffin was made for it by somebody:
Afterward we went to a play 'Darrin Brockovich' but the door was closed, the theatre locked and the show had been cancelled! This was a surprise as we had only bought our tickets the afternoon before, you'd think they would have said something.
After drowning our sorrows in chocolate banana cupcakes, we made the long walk back to the hotel.
Friday morning we went and had brunch at my new favorite restaurant Tiny's, a place that serves local food only and is run by hippies but you can really taste the freshness and the food is AMAZING!
I had an egg scramble with feta, bacon and scallions served with cantaloupe and homemade bread. Yum.
From there a little more shopping and then back to the hotel to recharge. There is pedicabs all over so I picked an especially cute boy and he said it was $10 to the hotel, a bike rental was $25! I had him stop so I could pick up an iced coffee and we were off at the speed of lightning. The wind was whipping past and I felt like royalty sitting in the back zooming past all the peasants. Plus the cute guy pedaling had his butt in my face and his Calvin Klein underwear showing so I gave him a $20, well worth it! The only way to travel.
After recharging we walked to the bookstore where Christopher Rice was signing books. I read his first book and wasn't too impressed so I didn't really want to spend $30 on his new one, but when we got there they were sold out of the new one and only had cheap paperbacks left. I grabbed the last one and he signed it and I got a photo with him so I can tag it as 'famous people' on my blog. The book sounded good.

From there off to the theatre to finally see Darrin before Miss Richfield at 10, which was one of the reasons we came here so we had to see her. I asked how long the show was and he said just over two hours which means we would miss Miss Richfield! At this point I asked for a refund, he said he would have to get the manager and I had Alberto hold the door. "No one is getting in or out of here unless we get our money back!" he said and I dissolved into laughter. I kept saying "Give me my scissors, I'll cut a bitch!" to quote Kathy Griffin or "Hold my hair!" which is what black women say before they fight to get their friend to hold their hair extensions so they can rumble.
We got our money which was great but now meant we had time to kill. After the worst meal ever which I don't even want to mention over to the line for Miss Richfield.
On the way we stopped by the ocean and I used my camera's self-timer feature for the first time to take this picture:
We were very early but eventually a line formed behind us and we talked and joked and made some friends. There's a kind of understanding when everyone is gay men that you share a common experience and most people are friendly and jovial.
The Richfield show was great, not as good as the last one we saw but definitely worth the price of admission.
Woke up early, checked out and am now on the ferry to Boston. Game tonight at Fenway, Red Sox vs. Blue Jays and I want to try to go to the movies before to see PiraƱa 3D. Flight tomorrow at 6:30, Pearson at 8pm, should be home by 10 pm. I will NOT feel like going to work on Monday!!!

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