Monday, August 16, 2010

Provincetown - Monday

Having fun.
Here in the late 1700's, they built like 35 houses on a tiny island. It was too cold in the winter so they floated the houses across the ocean to the mainland, about 15 of these houses still are around. They all have these blue plaques to show they were one of the originals.

Downtown Provincetown.

Me with porn star Gus Maddox. It always amazes me how much smaller stature these guys are in real life. Also I want to go back and tag all the photos of me with famous people on this blog at some point, I have met quite a few.

Here's the Pilgrim Monument from this morning. The Mayflower landed here first and the pilgrims stayed for five weeks before moving on to Plymouth.

Many many steps to walk up!

View from the top. Okay, but that was a lot of steps!

Pilgrim plaque.

There's these rocks into the ocean by my hotel and they go so far you can't see the end of them. I decided to try walking them, there's a lighthouse in the distance, thought maybe I could get there.

This is after about 20 minutes, looking back. There's crabs on the rocks birds have taken from the water and eaten along the way. Plus the rocks aren't that easy to maneuver but I'm passing middle age ladies with kids so I keep going.

Looking back, this is as far as I got. This kid passing me said the tide was coming in about 20 minutes from then and the path would be under water in parts. Now jumping from one jagged rock to another in a foot of water in the middle of the ocean is not my idea of a good time, so I hoofed it back.
The tide also screwed me yesterday morning, I went out to swim in the ocean and noticed there was no ocean. I was like "That's strange, I know I left it here...." It took me about 30 minutes to figure out the tide was out.

This is the lighthouse, still in the far distance after about 30 minutes. Will try again tomorrow morning when the tide is low.

That's all for today!

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