Friday, September 21, 2012

Happyland and Other Stories by Alexander Goodman

Happyland and Other StoriesHappyland and Other Stories by Alexander Goodman
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A Twilight-Zone style story. Four young men appear naked in a white room with no doors and no walls. How did they get there? And what will they do to pass the time?

1. The Knight
A young knight’s lover dies. Will anything rouse him from his melancholy? How about a nude virgin? Complete with (IM)Moral.

2. The Princess
A young man knows how to liven up a boring party. Slip on a dress and see what the Royal Guards are up to in the bushes. Complete with (IM)Moral.

Reading this, it becomes clear the other stories are fillers. An excellent story of an amusement park named Happyland. The young guy who needs some cash, what is he willing to do to get it? The hustler with the quick temper. The park owner, being blackmailed for his gay sins, surely there’s a few minutes to spare and cruise the T-Room on the way to his meeting…
Mistaken identities, sixties vernacular and an extended session in a T-Room, an excellent work. The most erotic of Mr. Goodman’s works.

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