Monday, September 10, 2012

Signed: Scarlet Feather by Maeve Binchy

I met Maeve Binchy at the International Festival of Authors in Toronto several years ago.  I believe this book of hers, Scarlett Feather, was the first I had read as I think it's the only book of hers I have signed.  I did later purchase all the rest of them, but this seems to be from the period where I first got in to her.

I remember the event well.  I went with my boyfriend of the time and we had to wait for a few others to read before we got to her. Afterwards at the signing my boyfriend and I were interviewed by Book Television, I still have no idea what that is though.

When we stepped up to have the book signed, Maeve was so friendly and outgoing.  I remember she had a huge glass of wine and was just pouring them back. I had my book signed and then my boyfriend had his signed and he had brought another for a friend and asked her to sign it to "Diane".

Maeve asked if he also went by the name Diane.  When my boyfriend said no, she went into a fabulous long speech about how it was fine with her if he walked the streets as a woman.  She said she would always get cards at Christmas from the Catholics telling her to be more religious and she never listened to any of them, she was fine with everyone the way they were and live and let live was her motto.

I remember the night so well and we had such a great time.  If I got to pick 10 moments of my life to live over, this one would probably be on the list.

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