Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dear McDonalds

I occasionally write letters to McDonald's.  Very occasionally mind, but I do.  The last time I wrote to them was when I was charged a different tax percentage for my coffee in Ottawa than I was charged in Toronto.  See, I live in a world of logic and reason, and when these things are turned upside-down, it freaks me out a bit.

Recently on my way into the Archives where I volunteer every Wednesday night, I've had a couple of bad experiences so I've sent these two letters.  No response yet, will upload it when I get one.

McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited
1 McDonald's Place
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M3C 3L4
Fax: (416) 446-3443

Re: Visit to Yonge and Charles location on Sept 11, 2013 at 5:15 pm.

                I recently visited your Yonge and Charles location at 5:15, you can see on the attached receipt I finished paying for my order at 17:18.
When my order arrived I had the manager, James, write the time on the bottom that I received it, 5:38 pm. 20 minutes.  I think that’s unacceptable.  When I asked the woman serving why it was taking so long, she went and talked to someone in the back, said something I couldn’t hear, and then came back and served someone else. No one said anything.  Even when I asked the manager to acknowledge my 20 minute wait, he said “sorry” and walked away.
Sitting there for 20 minutes while everyone else was getting served and being ignored was not fun.

Adam Dunn

Re: Visit to Yonge and Charles location on Sept 18, 2013 at 5:31 pm.

            Me again.
Today I went to your restaurant for the 50% off promotion on wraps.
I was charged $2.50 for the veggie wrap and asked to see the manager James. The regular price of the wrap is $4.39. I asked James what 50% off of $4.39 was.  After a LENGTHY pause, he said $2.30. I’m not sure James is in the right business.
So I asked why I was being charged $2.50 instead of $2.20 and he said it was an error in programming the cash register. Then he asked if there would be anything else.
I don’t think a programming error is reason enough to overcharge me, do you?

Adam Dunn

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