Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 8: Save a squirrel, eat a pie

Yesterday I heard on the news a highway was stopped due to a family of ducks crossing. Then when I left work, I was racing to get to a play for the Fringe festival. I left at 4:33, the show started at 5, no latecomers, and was 6.7 km away (4.25 miles). So I was riding like a bat out of Hell and when Ii hit College and Bathurst I noticed traffic was stopped and there was a squirrel FREAKING OUT in the middle of the road.
So I got off my bike and stopped 6 lanes of traffic to save the squirrel. He was kind of running in circles and it was difficult because as soon as he moved the car would race past. Where are these people going they can't wait 2 minutes?
So another passing stranger came out into the road with his hat, put the hat over the squirrel and picked it up and put it in the alley. As soon as we stepped off the road, we heard a cheer and saw a daycare full of kids watching us. We were heroes! Then I raced off and sat down the second the play started.
Now I only think about smoking every 3 minutes instead of every 1 minutes.
Cigarettes - 0
Pies - 2

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