Friday, July 4, 2008

Freedom - Day 3 - Homicidal maniac - New York

I wish I could find the desire to check out my August vacation. I'm also doing a long weekend in New York, going to see Equus, Wicked, Naked Boys Singing and Billy Elliott. I have always wished I saw Billy Elliott when I was in London and now's my chance. Unfortunately half these shows have "premium pricing" meaning anything in the centre section of the floor is minimum $250. Yikes!
It should be easy to afford that with my cruise and August vacation and my front teeth. Right now, I am very poor.
I booked my New York Hostel already. Got to check out the community centre where Keith Harring painted the ceiling.

I went to the Fringe festival last night and saw "Babies in Danger!"
It was ok, it was SNL type sketches with a loose theme of babies. The woman was pretty good, one of the guys that sang alot kept looking at a fixed point on the wall behind all our heads to deliver his lines which I found REALLY annoying. I don't expect you to look the audience in the eye but to look OVER them for the whole play???? Too much. The other guy was kind of handsome and call me if you're reading this, we can make it work.

Overall it was ok like I said, the jokes got a bit stale by the end but there were some funny moments like the "Hamilton High" video and the babies as snakes with rattles bit.

Tonight: Travel or Entertain?
What's funny is in the paper every day it says "Today's must see Fringe shows!" and the shows I'm going to are never listed. Is it possible I have a warped sense of entertainment?

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