Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vegan KFC

My mom sent me a nice card with cat stickers on it thanking me for the weekend so all is forgiven, toilet paper wise.

I had the vegan KFC sandwich yesterday:

I liked it but you have to bring your own mayonnaise which is a pain in the ass. Also it says you have to trade the bun for a wrap but I think I'm just going to have the bun next time.
Why can't they just order a tub of veganaise and make my life easy?
Also it was very gross standing beside all the people ordering parts of chickens while waiting for my food. If I ever date again, it's going to have to be a vegan, or someone who likes eating alone.
P.S. Why does soy margarine say "100% soy!" and then say "ingredients: Soy, milk...."
P.S.S. Vegans live 6-10 years longer than carnivores.

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SeƱor Bacon said...

"Vegans live 6-10 years longer than carnivores."

If you call that living.