Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Burn down the internet

This is outrageous. Saying most Canadians approve of bandwidth shaping is stupid. I believe that most Canadians don't know there is another option.
If you use Rogers or Bell, your internet is restricted between the hours of 4 and midnight, the times when you use it. This allows the internet provider the opportunity to provide service to more people without increasing the infrastructure to boost speeds. The money that would be used for the infrastructure is then put in the company's pockets as profit.
In other countries their internet is faster and cheaper. In a recent ranking comparing speed of internet vs. cost Canada came in 29th of the 30 countries in the survey. We are paying more for far less.
The idea that Canadians are okay with this seems to indicate they are not educated in the facts. Grab your pitchforks, make signs, and let's burn down the internet!

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