Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pride Concerts

Some excellent Pride concerts on Saturday June 27th this year.
Some strange people in the audience, one guy was obviously stoned out of his head and this guy:

On a hot day wearing a suit jacket and dancing in one spot, alone.
Great set from Gentleman Reg, whose song "We're in a Thunderstorm" is now officailly my favourite.

Afterward a set from the re-vamped Kids on TV:

They played a few great new songs and killed it at the end with Breakdance Hunx and John Caffrey in "Beat It" MJ underwear.
The guy dancing in the background below had shorts with lights on them.

Some debate in my group about the gender of the energetic dancer below.

I love this shot:

This one turned out well too:

Wish this was brighter. I loved this part where these 2 came together:

Great show.

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