Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pride Day

Slightly rainy at Pride this year which kept some people away. Stood on the West side of Yonge this time which was smart. All the people heading over from Church meant the line was 8 deep on one side and 3 deep on my side.

I was obsessed with these two boys. They were so cute and newly in love. I watched them and thought "Where the Hell did my youth go???" which bothered me for about a day. Then I remembered at the parade they didn't want to wear one of the necklaces being given away for fear of looking silly. I remember being that self conscious once and I don't need to go there again.
Still, every time they did ANYTHING I was like "That's SO CUTE!" and took a photo.

A special appearance from Mrs. Pizza Pizza 1937.

Fancy belt.

Not too many boy floats this year. What's up with that?

Check out the people on the roof.

How cute ARE these two?

The titty sisters were flashing everyone during the parade. I kept missing parts of the parade to take photos of the girl's tits. Story of my life!

Hunky fireman were amused by the titty sisters.

Random girl.

A diety of India.

I love the guy pumping his fist on the front of the truck bed.

This was I thought the best float. Bears getting washed and having fun. Grrrr!

Proud FM float. Why did I only see 2 of their DJs?

Random boy float.

I think this pic of the boys is my favourite. Love them! They're so cute I just want to put them in my pocket!
United Church of Canada float. My mom works there. Not on the float. For the church.

Naked Elvis yearly photo.

Palestine group. Notice they were right in front of the Just for Laughs group. Hilarious!

This is what NOT to wear to Pride. Such a disaster for SO many reasons:

I'm going to tell you a secret:

This guy was from Cirque de Soleil:

And his butt was made of rock:

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