Monday, July 20, 2009

Jeff Francoeur

Jeff Francoeur is my hero.

When I went on my first vacation to Atlanta on my first vacation to see the Atlanta Braves he was the new up and coming player every one was talking about. I remember his jersey's selling out at the stands around the stadium.
I had a lay-over on my flight back and was wearing a Jeff Francoeur t-shirt and someone told me he was on the cover of the new Sports Illustrated at the airport.
When I went over to the newsstand, this was there:

Which perfectly capped off my trip.
Jeff has struggled lately but is such a nice guy everyone loves him.

He's nicknamed Frenchy and has a pair of lucky turkey underwear:

Video here.
He had a series of successful commericals for Delta airlines:

And if you follow his blog, he still seems to be associated with them. I really liked the commercial.
I have a Jeff Francoeur statue on my desk at work.
So when I was watching Sunday night baseball last night, and saw Jeff in the uniform of the hated New York Mets, my heart sunk.
Bad news :(

Trades are really a part of baseball but I still want the original 2005 Atlanta Braves team to stay in tact. Is that too much to ask?
My original Francoeur t-shirt is ripped and heavily worn and no longer fits but I haven't been able to throw it out. So today, before they were gone for good, I ordered a new t-shirt in a size that fits.

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