Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pride Funding

I'm of 2 minds on this.
My main concern is that this is typical of the left wing. For example, when the conservatives announced that federal grants for filmmaking would be subject to review, that they were no longer "no strings attached", Liberals got their pitchforks out and started facebook groups, wrote friends, and nothing had actually happened. No funding was retracted.

At the same time, a review does not mean a retraction and no official job action has been taken against this woman who provided the funding. It's so easy too to call 100 MP's and take the quote from the one that sounds the most crazy. Do I think he will be spoken to about making these statements? Yes. And they won't happen again from him.

So basically I don't see evidence that anything bad has happened. The reason you elect a conservative government is to monitor spending and a review is not a bad idea.

If Pride funding is cut next year, I will be writing letters and at the front of the line marching down the street against it. Unless funding for every event in Canada is cut, then I'd be okay with that. At issue to me is you can't pick and choose. And this is where my other mind comes in to play:

Newsflash to social conservatives: *I'm gay AND I pay taxes too!*

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