Monday, July 20, 2009

Electric Bike

I'm thinking of getting an electric bicycle. I have to ride uphill every day to work and about half the time I bail at the thought of riding the whole way uphill. So I believe if I had an electric bike it would pay for itself it TTC token savings.

Looking at Canadian Tire they have a few models, like this one:
Mongoose Electric Motocross Bike

The good thing is it's only $399.00. The bad thing is I would look STUPID on this riding down the streets of Toronto. What's too funny is the Q and A on the Canadian Tire site, it says "I'm looking for an electric bike for my mother who is 340 pounds. Would this be suitable?"

Can you picture this guy's 340 pound mom on this bike? DOES IT LOOK SUITABLE?

There's also this one, which also looks stupid for $599.00:
Schwinn AL1020 Folding Electric Bike

And finally this one:
Schwinn Invidia 26-in Electric Bike

Which is $649.00
I'm a little worried about how people die on motorcycles but this has a top speed of 28 km/hr so I should be fine right? I'd have to get a new helmet.
I like the sound of the "twist-and-go electric assist drive".
There was some talk on the website of the bar making this look like a women's bike. The other one with the bar slightly higher is another $150 and otherwise looks exactly the same. Someone said it wasn't a women's design, it was "easy mount". I can go with that.

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