Monday, February 7, 2011

Day two on the Allure of the Seas

Monday Feb 7/11

Day two on the Allure of the Seas.
Yesterday getting on the boat was easier than expected, both times previously there was a row of police with sniffer dogs, this time nothing. Really, if they don't come at all for the straight cruises how can they bring 50 dogs for the gay ones?
The negative was Levi Poulter, who has been on every cruise I've been on was not there to greet us and it turns out not on board at all. That sucks as I brought a book I bought with him on the cover just to get him to sign it.
A quick snack and on to Chicago: The Musical which tours with this boat. I've never seen the show live and it was amazing, really great, a lot of fantastic songs and no Richard Gere to ruin this show like he ruined the movie. It's a very high energy show with songs you know and sexy outfits. A great time, I might try to see it again later in the week.
The dining room was beautiful after the show and I had the onion quiche to start followed by the steak with baked potato and mixed vegetables and a blueberry/peach cobbler for desert. Excellent overall.
Off to Miss Richfield 1981, she didn't seem to have as much energy as she usually does but any show with Miss Richfield is a great one and we were glad to go.
 Afterward a quick stop by the party to see surprise guest star Deborah Cox and then too tired to continue I went to sleep.
This morning up at 9 am to go out to Nassau, Bahamas. Not too much to do there and not to much time to do it. We had to be back on ship by 12:30. Lots of people stopping us to offer their stuff, services or goods, and cheap t-shirts and trinkets from Hong Kong. We shopped for about an hour before the close confines of the stores, the heat, and the relentless badgering got the best of us and we got back on the ship.
Pool games at 1:30 was Project Runway, which is always a great time. This was followed by bingo with Miss Richfield and a military tea dance.

5,500 people left little room on the dance floor to move so we went up to the top deck and Alberto did the zip line. I did it yesterday, it was scarier than I remember it being in B.C.  The moment where you take the step in to thin air definitely takes your breath away.
I went to the sun chairs with my book to try and get a tan from the rapidly setting sun while Alberto wandered the ship.
The ice show and aqua shows are tonight followed by the hero party. Good times so far.
I'm feeling good.
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