Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ft. Lauderdale - Day 2

I went shopping at Walmart and bought way too much stuff, like 10 bags, that I now have to cram into my suitcase somehow.
This bird  was in the parking lot at the mall.  It looks like a duck of some kind, but nothing I've ever seen before.  I'm assuming this plainer one is the female, male to follow. UPDATE: This is a redhead goose.
 Fort Lauderdale beach, which I got to see as we drove past.  Ah well, it was crowded anyway.
 It's like a cross between a rooster and a duck...
 This bird was perched outside the window of the hostel looking around.  It has a body similar to an owl but the face like an eagle.  I'll have to ask my dad, he knows these things. UPDATE: This is a peregrine falcon.  Oops, no, red-tailed hawk.
 A shot of the courtyard of the hostel.
 Another scene from Ft Lauderdale beach.  Why are these photos so out of order?
Oh and that's the end.  Board the boat tomorrow!
Oh, and a special mention to Conner at Boardwalk Bar who made my day yesterday a little bit brighter.  Yes, strippers, the answer to, and cause of, all life's problems.

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