Friday, February 18, 2011


I had a letter published in this month's Attitude magazine, the UK's best selling gay magazine and my personal favourite.

Upon reading this, I thought they had changed a couple words as I don't remember ever using the word "rag" before in my life, but apparently I did as my original is very close:

"I loved the column "HIV and Me" in this month's issue. Who doesn't place road blocks in front of themselves? This is why I love your magazine; it has hot boys and helps me understand myself and the world in a relatable gay context. I was worried when I heard your format was changing, I thought you might become another toss away rag you spend 5 minutes with. Worry alleviated, issue 201 was three hours well spent."

Although I do question them adding the word "really" at the end there.

Here's the original article I wrote in about (click to enlarge):

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