Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9, 2011. 3:13 am

February 9, 2011. 3:13 am

The ice show was good, better than normal. Usually they have some crappy kids-themed show and this was at least a little more adult. The aqua show was great, loads of guys with amazing bodies high diving in to a pool the size of my living room. There was some acrobatics and stuff too, it was a little like Cirque de Soleil but again the hot guys really made it worth while.

Before the big hero party we went to karaoke with Miss Richfield and I had my first true belonging experience. All of us crowded into a small room laughing, telling jokes and singing show tunes. That special feeling from being with a group of gay men and belonging was great and something I've only had before on these cruises.

The hero party was great but it was already very late. We stood by the door for a while and got photos of people coming in.

This one guy was dressed like a broadway Spiderman in a hospital gown. The nice part was it was a windy night and his gown kept blowing up, underneath he had a swimsuit that awoke a desire in me long dormant. So I followed him around for about 10 minutes hoping he would stand in a draft so I could get a nice photo but no luck. The one opportunity I had his friend I think tapped him on the shoulder to say to turn around, someones taking your picture, so I had to turn the camera at the last minute and pretend I was taking a photo of the wall.

I found a Superman shirt at Old Navy which I wore to the hero party.
Up late so I slept late until about 1 pm. Got up and went to the game show "Are you smarter than a straight girl?" which turned out to be a waste of time. I could have gone to see Clash of the Titans in 3-D instead. Oh well.
The disco themed tea dance was next and I ended up staying for about two or more hours and dancing. This couple in front of me was wearing quite revealing outfits and then their friends the "horny bees" (instead of "honey bees") came in similarly small outfits and that kept me entertained for quite a while.

From there off to catch the very last rays of the sunset and I actually finished my book, a first for a vacation for me. It was called Probation and I bought it in Ptown this summer.
We decided to catch Miss Richfield's show again and were glad we did as she was high energy and lots of laughs tonight. To close the show she played "Somewhere over the rainbow" on her saw and I cried, it was a beautiful touching moment and I got a glimpse of why that song has become such a gay anthem. I'd like it played at my funeral if anyone with any sway there is reading this. I think my book got my thinking about death a bit.

From there the sold out Pam Ann show. She was funny, much better than the last time I saw her, and it was nice to know we have gay celebrities that all the gays know and the straights have no idea who they are that come to things like this.
From there the Matt Yee show which was good but the same exact show I've seen him do twice before with the same exact jokes which is starting to feel a little tired.
Finally a quick visit to the "Lost Continent" party, just a walk-through. I wore my pirate cap I bought at the costume shop before the cruise and tied a fake parrot to my shoulder. It would have been easier to spray paint a seagull and tie that to my arm!  The thing kept falling off and was so cheap one eye had fallen off and the leg kept coming out. What a disaster for my nautical party!

Tomorrow St Thomas at 9:30 am and its 3:43 now so I gotta go!

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