Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feb 12-11. 10:10 pm

Feb 12-11. 10:10 pm

Cheyenne Jackson. Wow oh wow. Went to see him last night and he took my breath away.
Went to some dances and the dinner in the dining room where we sat with an amazing couple, very nice handsome guys. Oh yes, I forgot, I had an amazing day lying in the sun on a deck chair. It was hot but not too hot and I lay there with my towel and dozed off for the afternoon, marveling how I could never do that at home in February.
More of my favourite door and another cute one:

Anyway, these guys at dinner were saying how they may have taken a photo of me by the pool, and I laughed it off and assumed they were talking about someone else. But no, it was me! And some other cute guy flirted with me in the elevator and took my hand and kissed it. Definitely an ego booster. For some reason I turned off the dating switch a while ago now, maybe it could be nudged closer back to on.
So after dinner the dreamy Cheyenne Jackson. That man can sing sing sing!  I didn't know what to expect going in but he is handsome and tall and built and funny and has the best voice I've ever heard. I was enraptured throughout his show and time stood still. It was an amazing moment. So amazing that we went back again tonight.

After Cheyenne's show last night we went to the big white party dressed in our swan outfits.

It was great, I really felt a sense of belonging, and unlike the last time I wore the outfit I didn't feel like I stood out like a sore thumb. There were a lot of outfits WAY more over the top then mine so I felt like I fit in nicely in the middle. A few people even asked to take our photos, and since our outfits didn't involve displays of our chests or asses (or cocks), I was satisfied.

Click to enlarge and look closely at the dress:
Speaking of which, I saw a man of about 70 walking with his cane in a pair of white briefs and nothing else. I've still got youth on my side, for now. Time to make hay while the sun shines.
The white party was followed by the demons party, who doesn't love a bad boy?
Packing today and a tea dance this afternoon:

And some time spent by the surfing machine:

One last dance tonight. Dinner and back for more Cheyenne! No sun as it's about 12 degrees Celsius. Cheyenne was great again.


Now packing, for the first time ever my bag will be over the 50 lb limit, meaning a $50 penalty. What are you gonna do?  A great time, looking forward to getting home around 7 pm tomorrow!!!
Oops forgot, Cheyenne Jackson said he grew up in a home with no running water, they had an outhouse, and his family was very religious. They had a sign over the TV that said "If Jesus was here, would you be watching this?"

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