Monday, November 12, 2012

Candlelight Vigil for Jarvis Bike Lanes

Went out tonight in the slight rain monsoon to protest the closing of the bike lanes on Jarvis Street.
 We gathered for a candlelight vigil. I was interviewed by the Toronto Star, I said I don't understand why the city is ignoring the people who live on Jarvis, like me, and removing the bike lanes. The reported asked if I thought this lane removal could be stopped but I said this is about a bigger picture, a Toronto where we share the roads and explore alternate forms of transportation, and this idea is not going away.
 Afterward the group chained a green bicycle to the street with messages on it in protest and to keep our city green.  I may have suggested the bicycle's location.
 Some flags.
 For more information, you can follow the group on Facebook or Twitter.

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