Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cruise, Day Two

There’s some things I like about getting older, and one of them is the sense of self-confidence, self worth, and of knowing who you are and what you want.  I didn’t stay and watch the boys dancing last night but today I went out to the 4 pm T-dance and danced the whole time, until it ended.  I was right in the middle of the dance floor with loads of friends, talking and laughing and having a great time.  I loved it, I haven’t danced like that since I was in my early 20’s.

Woke up and went to Project Runway pool game, always loads of fun.  Miss Richfield 1981 was a judge. Here's the winning design:
After that sun bathing.  I found out there was an area where you can sunbathe naked, and naked men are more than anybody.  I went over there and snoozed and read for a bit in the sun, eventually losing my inhibitions and my clothes.  I remember before not wanting to wear a bathing suit on board, here I was naked.
This was also laying out sunbathing:
Dog tag dance, my military clothes weren’t working so I wore all pink and my hot pink short shorts that I love.
I recognized this guy as gay porn star Nick Moretti:
Dinner was a singles dinner which was a disaster. The food was terrible, I hadn’t found time to eat all day, and the dates were NOT a match.  The first was a Hawaiian guy named Danny, who looked just like my other friend Danny in Toronto, wide, like a football player.  Very nice, but not a match.
The next was this man about 80 who’s 45 year partner just passed away.
The last was this stuck up guy.  First off this bitch tried to cut in and take him from me, so I pulled out my knife.  Then he wouldn’t talk to me either.  I was like “What do you do?” and he’s like “Doctor.” Long pause while he looks away.  I’m like “And what do I do you ask?”  Idiot.
Me all spiffed up for dinner:
Food was terrible, shrimp that I’m allergic to, chicken with boiled potatoes and vegetables, the whole thing cold, no butter, no flavour.  Ugh.
Left early to go to comedy showcase, not great, the lesbian was funny though.  Every other cruise the lesbian comedians mention menstruation, which means I’m out, but not this one.
Lure of leather was next, Alberto and I hung around there for an hour scoping out the daddies who could throw us around the room. Outside we found the magician's assistant Gabor who showed us a couple of tricks. Him and the main magician Emir were both a great addition to the boat, coming around during dinners and hanging out at different parties and stuff.  Loved them to death.
Finally, piano bar with Brian Nash.  He was amazing, loved him.  I need more piano bars in my life.  I requested a song, Vincent, which he played and made me cry.
Cabo San Lucas tomorrow morning.

A note left on our door today “Michael ‘Brutal Brotha’ 8435, I’m hot”. Did he want me, Alberto, the guy who’s photos I hung on our door (Jack Mackenroth)?  Who knows.

“They did not listen, they do not listen still. Perhaps they never will. Starry, starry night.”

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