Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cruise, Day Six

Good times. One thing about these cruises is always you turn around and the day is over.
Woke up and went to see pool games “So You Think You Can Dance”. Awesome fun, we were up on the top deck in the sun so I took my shirt off. We watched the show and then I changed into my short shorts and went up and sunbathed for a little with the guys.
When I was there I was trying to regulate my exposure and just get a tan. Well, by the time I got back to my room I was feeling my back starting to burn and I thought “This ain’t good. An hour or so later I was bright red like a tomato on all the parts that don’t usually see the sun.  My face and arms are OK, my chest and back and upper thighs are done.
We saw Miss Richfield call Bingo, I love her. She also met some nice Muslim girls.
Also The Newlywed Game is always great.
Afterward off to dinner, this time in the smaller, worse restaurant with no Milos in order to try and catch some guy Jorge liked.  Well that didn’t work out but the magician’s assistant, Gabor, did come by and show us a cute trick with rabbits. 
When he was done we all got photos with him.  I stood behind him, a little trick to make myself look thinner, plus I got to feel his chest which was like rocks.  How do these boys get this???
Now I’m in my room and the boys dressed up in elaborate costumes and went dancing.  I kind of didn’t bring anything for the big White Party, figuring I’d be tired by then, and I am. I’m also a bit sick from the sun in many ways, so I get to stay in and rest which will be nice. The time has really gone by fast but only one more full day outside of Canada and I’m excited to be getting back home too.
Tomorrow is the last afternoon T-Dance with a disco theme and then tomorrow night is the big Miss Richfield show which I can’t wait for.  I love her.
Off to read for a bit and then sleep.  I can’t really put a shirt on right now.  I did manage to buy some sunburn stuff, though it was $15.  They saw me coming.
I did get some White Party photos from Alberto's camera.

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