Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"This is an original UNIQUE book"/Selbee Publications, gay pulp collection

I have looked and read books on the subject and have never seen a write up on or a list of UNIQUE/Selbee books, particularly the gay ones.

Selbee Publications published for a year in 1965 and was then followed by UNIQUE in 1966, just before the law was changed allowing for explicit material in novels.  As such these books all ride the line of double-entendre and innuendo, never explaining too much.  Perhaps the changing name was one way to keep ahread of the law?

The books were all published in an over-sized 5" x 8" format and all have cover and interior illustrations by the amazing Eric Stanton.

Some of the line includes heterosexual material, mostly cross-dressing, light S & M kind of things, including Ship Master by Arnold Dixon, Showpiece by Woody Craft, and Wrong Jail by Monty Farrell which features a man sent to a women's prison and tortured by the domineering ladies.

This list includes I believe all the gay titles, but I have no way of confirming as I've never seen them listed anywhere.

  • Beach Boy by Donald Evans. Published 1966, Selbee
  • Bottoms Up by Ned Winslow. Published 1966, UNIQUE
  • The Gay Jungle by Donald Evans. Published 1965, Selbee
  • The Gay Lords by Robert Saunders. Published in 1966, UNIQUE
  • The Gay Rebels by Larry Price.  Published in 1966, UNIQUE 
  • Male Madame by Donald Evans. Published in 1966, Selbee
  • Mr. Muscle Boy by Donald Evans. Published in 1965, Selbee
  • Queen of the Road, no author, no date, no publisher
  • Young Danny by Peter Sinnot. Published in 1966, UNIQUE

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