Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cruise, Day Five

Puerto Vallarta was amazing.  Lots of gay businesses and stores and restaurants and clubs.  Lots of existing gay infrastructure I’ve never seen on any other islands.
We got off the ship and went to the Blue Chairs. A resort with a private gay beach and a bar with go-go boys.  Loved it, I may come back here as a resort spot.
 Went shopping at Walmart and back to the ship.  For the further X rated adventures, click here.

Back to the ship and dinner with Milos where I apologized for grabbing his butt the other day, but he said he was cool.  Although maybe a little less cool than before.
Dinner was great, then off to Bernadette Peters.  She was a great singer but sang nothing I knew, nothing from Gypsy, it was overall just an okay experience.
Telly something, the Asian Warbler from Grease was next.  The show was so cheesy I needed crackers.  I soon left.
Brian Nash in the piano bar for the rest of the night, I managed to get a couple of videos, like my “Spring Awakening” request, and “The Book of Mormon” and Bowie.

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