Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gay magazines have a problem

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Why Fab Magazine meant nothing to me, and why that’s okay

I find the biggest problem facing gay publications is and always has been the dissension in the community and the lack of support for these publications.
I went for a focus group at Xtra looking to give opinions once on what I liked and disliked.  When the host asked the group what we liked, I was surprised to hear everyone say in unison "Nothing." 
When asked what we would change, the entire group in unison "Everything."
It bothers me.

Comments like the above "It was shit", "I lined my bird cage with it", "Nothing ever spoke to me" are what killed this magazine. Now we don't have local gay press.  Is that really better?

I remember reading an article about the new Jeffrey Round mystery that led me to go to Glad Day and buy a Canadian author's book.  I remember an article by Todd Klinck about escorting that told me it was okay to push the boundaries of my sexual comfort. I remember election coverage profiling and interviewing the candidates in my riding and asking them about LGBT issues.

When I read magazines like OUT, every issue has letters "I can't believe it, I'm never reading your magazine again!"  Rather than hate, why not try to make it better?
Why is there so much hatred? I've got to think it's homophobia.

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