Monday, March 18, 2013

Plenty more fish

Weird and very far away.  Can't actually distinguish a nose or ears.
 Your best photo has red eye?
 Your best photo is of you unconscious?
 Serial killer.
 Unless you are a lobster, this doesn't work.
You look stoned.  BAD LIGHTING!
Your best photo you're covering your mouth? 
I can't tell this person's race or gender. 
Do you live in the dark?
If your best photo hides your entire face, you have problems. 
What is hiding behind the glasses?  Also Serial Killer part 2. 
Who is this woman, your wife? 
Which one are you? 
Shadows, far away. 
Unless you're a gangster.... 
I do like the elephant, but again, can't tell your race or gender from this distance.  Also shadow.  The trifecta! 

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