Wednesday, March 20, 2013

RuPaul's Drag Race Season Five

Watching the show last night, I was struck by just how much I love it.  Time and life stops when I'm watching this show, I could live in that moment.
I wanted to rate the final queens and give my take.

Girl is SO inconsistent!  Sometimes she looks fierce, sometimes her makeup looks like crap. Her and Roxxxy, sometimes you can contour too much.
Her attitude, it seems like every week there's a new problem for her.  And the weeks she has a problem, she fails.  When she can get her shit together she does well, but it doesn't happen often enough.

5. Roxxxy Andrews
Look at the photo below, particularly the one on the right. Unless you're going for alien chic realness, this is not the way to do your makeup.  The middle of her face looks like Casper the friendly ghost and the top and bottom look like J-Lo.
Inconsistent with her outfits and attitude, I haven't seen the fire to win.

4. Alyssa Edwards
Yes, she can't sing. Or act. Or be funny. But she does have something the two above girls don't, likeability.  Being likeable is important, remember season 2 winner Tyra?  She was a bitch, and no one was happy she won.
Alyssa can turn it out on the runway and the lipsync, but eventually her lack of talent will catch up with her.

3. Detox
Remember the Detox from episode one, pictured below?  Neither do I. 
She had the look and the fire, but being part of the group dimmed that a bit.  Once Roxxxy goes, I expect the fire to get turned back up and she should make it to the final three. It may be too little too late, though.

2. Alaska
I feel it was too soon after Sharon and too similar.  Sharon had more of a hunger to win, like "I am going to take all these bitches out with my 6" fingernails" fierceness. Alaska has less of that.
I like her, the outfits are good.  Just not quite good enough.

1. Jinkx Monsoon
You had me at Little Edie.
When all the other queens are like "Who's that?  Your choice is stupid!" Jinkx committed and pulled it out. When you stay true to yourself, you can't lose.
I don't think anyone has ever handled Michelle Visage so well.
She is the nicest queen ever on the show.
If Jinkx can stay true to herself, she will win.

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