Monday, March 18, 2013

Plenty of Fish: Do's and Don'ts

I 've only been on this Plenty of Fish a couple days but I've already come up with some do's and don'ts.  I see the same mistakes repeated again and again.

1. Have multiple photos where you are smiling and people can see all of you.

I see people who have one photo, it's taken from 80 feet away and they're pouting.  Or two photos, one with dark hair, facial hair and sideburns, and another with light hair and clean shaven.  Unless you're in the witness relocation program, pick a look you want to showcase.

I have like 10 photos, showing my face and my body, and some were taken yesterday.  When I see a guy with one photo and it says "2007" on the photo, that's not good!

2. Trying to hide something makes you look bad.

I have a friend who says before he puts up a picture, he retouches his age lines, makes himself look thinner, gives himself a tan and some muscles.  Then for the whole date he has to sit in the dark with his coat on.  Don't do that.

If you have a few extra pounds, don't put "average" for your body type and then hide behind trees for the entire date.

3. Confidence is attractive.

I think the best way to show confidence is by what you don't say.  For example, "Looking for a genuine person" is better than "So many people on here play games and I can't stand it.  Everyone is so fake, what's wrong with all you people, is honesty too much to ask for?  What am I doing wrong?"

Get off the cross, we need the wood.

4. Check your message for clarity and spelling.

I found one profile, the headline is "Not looking for anything serious."
The first line of the body is "SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY!"
This is what we in the business call confusing.

5. No one word replies.

I message people and say "Hey, I like that TV show too!" or bring up something else from their profile, and they write back "cool." Just don't write back. 
The sad part is I know some of these people writing very short replies ARE interested in me, but they still keep it way too short.  If I mention something about your profile, you should take the time to mention something you like about mine, or at least elaborate on my question.  If you can't be bothered and overcome your shyness on the internet, I can't be bothered to continue.

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