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RIP Wilfried Knight

I was moved this week by the death of gay actor Wilfried Knight who committed suicide a week after his partner committed suicide, a victim of modern 2013 homophobia.  I wanted to reprint his last blog post below as I feel it will be taken down from his site.

And finally the truth about LULULEMON, a supposedly caring Yoga minded company (and i practice yoga, just saying)

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I invite anyone to check on LANDMARK and whichever name i cite.

I want to money, even if offered, no personal attention, i just want what happened to my partner and i never to happens again.


My partner, as a solution to the problem of being able to stay together, was hired by the Yoga Company LULULEMON. Man, was he proud, not only to be a part of this renowned company, but also for the fact he was able to keep us together. Since we were married in Canada, once he would get a visa by his employer, i would automatically get a spousal visa.

Which we did. Everything seemed rosey. That said, Jerry was naturally a sweet man, he had no idea what he was getting into. In fact he had been hired as a manager for the IVIVA branch of LULULEMON, which in fact was in a bad way, when it comes to sales. What he didn’t know is that his superior, Bree STANLAKE, was about to go on a year Sabbatical. Remember Obama taking over what mess Bush had left, well, about the same. The brand was not doing well. And Jerry, typical to his nature, took it all very much at heart and wanted to make it all better, trying to change the brand, putting it up to date, while Bree was opposed to it..Well she would be away for a while so it was easy for Jerry to be a figurehead for the failing. So she went away.

In the meantime, Jerry had not realized he did not only got hired by a company but also somehow entered a cult: Yoga had to be done at 7 am, if you wanted to fit in you would have to drink soy milk, be emaciated, bitter, eat tofu, and pretend sushi would be the only worthy food..As far as i am concerned our grandparents did not have any of those and were perfectly fit and fine. Since when is processed soy any good for any caucasian? Diet fads are so, just for the individual to believe they are above the masses and feel self entitled to judge another.

Jerry got judged and told off for being seen having a glass of wine on week end, got told off for having his own life outside the rank (eerrr as far as i am concerned when you work you still have a life). Then of course he was put through the training that any LuluLemon employee has to go through: LANDMARK (Is that German for Scientology?): the training that reduces you to the mass, tells you that humans only are machines, that our feelings are illusion…and he made one major mistake: he answered back. From then on he was called again and again, several times a day to take part in more training, they would not leave him alone.

In the meantime: an frustrated (i wont say in what way but you can imagine what i mean, you would see her, you would understand!) decided she had it against Jerry who was desperately trying to move IVIVA forward: Bridey Payne (what an appropriate name). What she didn’t know is the Bree STANLAKE, supposedly her friend, wanted to get rid of her a while back. And that Jerry actually wanted to protect her. She made a nightmare out of Jerry’s life whose productivity was limited by her monopolizing attention. She ended up taking a sick leave for “personal issues”. Never mind the fact she was seen within a month of it partying her head off in the Burning Man festival. Awwwwwww she must have been really sick, right?

From then it is all downhill. Any employee seen as wrongdoing is given some time to adjust with a warning. A homophobic newcomer, Only there for two weeks, Paul ZAENGLE, gave Jerry a warning on a tuesday….and fired him on the following friday, backed up by human resources Margaret WHEELER, who since then dared to pretend sending me sincere condolences. It just was constant professional backstabbing.

Jerry did one major mistake in LuluLemon: he stayed himself, he was an individual but thrived to be good for his company, but also good to people. He often listen to his staff break up stories (Jenny, rings any bells?).

From then on, he was given 3 months severance, 1 week benefit and told by LuluLemon lawyers “oh do not worry, you can stay in the country and look for a job, we will back you up, just do not leave the country” without saying any straight answer to whether he still actually had a valid visa or not. So what is a lawyer for then?

And on his visa depended mine. He only discovered he no longer had one when trying to get sleeping pills to cope with the stress: his canadian card was no longer valid.

You also have to put his stress into perspective: trying to look for a job in Vancouver after leaving Lululemon is almost impossible since no one will dare to go against Chip Wilson’s pretty hate machine.


Add to that: the people who told him: “do not worry, we ll help you get a reference” no longer responded his calls or texts. Sherry Watterson, for example, remember me? How hard would that be to say “ i cannot help you” rather than ignoring texts? Is it that hard?

Jerry was a figurehead for IVIVA s demise and people who were behind it still manage to sleep peacefully and face themselves in the mirror.

OH and i forgot: we later found out that a straight couple who also was fired by LULULEMON got offered better severance and money to relocate. Hmmm, i guess a straight family seems worthier than a gay family. No surprise here.

All comes down to: a very sweet man who was successful and actually CARED and expected people to care back. LuluLemon s motto is “friends are better than money”. Yeah right. It should be the opposite. To those people i say: i wish i had the strength to send you a photo of Jerry Hanging from a rope foaming at the mouth..You know what it is like to hang your man good bye when he is stiff and cold, and knowing he never should have died that way?



-LULULEMON IS SIMPLY AN EVIL COMPANY WHO IS NOT WORTH THE CREDIT THET GET. YOGA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE KIND OF PHILOSOPHY THEY PRACTICE (and i practice yoga, i love it, but i dont do it just because i want to look better than the other and entitle myself to judge)

-LAWS SHOULD CHANGE FOR ANY GAY INTERNATIONAL GAY COUPLE: my partner left clear signs he wanted me to die with him, to follow him, therefore had no will after our 9 years relationship. My marriage is valid in Canada, NOT in the USA, therefore his family gets it all, when i get nothing. Well he got on with them and trusted them. Again he believed in the good of people.

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