Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day 4: Prague and the Night Train

Well, I have a lot of pictures and it's 11:38 at night so guess how long this is going to be.
Every building in Prague is beautiful. I could take 1,000 pictures. Now the problem is someone told the secret of how nice it is so there is 7 MILLION people everywhere, like it's difficult to walk down the street. Also their money is screwed up. 100 Koruny is $8 CDN. So there's a lot of math involved. An iced tea is 47 Koruny, a shirt is 300 Koruny, a pizza slice is 59 Koruny. Are these good prices? Who knows! I haven't been able to find iced coffee in the whole continent so I found one today and was so happy until I realized I had paid $8 for a small. I drank it slowly.
There's a lot of beautiful boys here:

And then some that must have snuck in the back as they look like Hell.
Actually the soldier I found in the Museum of Communism and I thought he worked there so I asked to take his picture and was trying to find someone to take one of us together and it turns out he was visiting with a tour group. Whoops.
So the night train was fine. I got on and was met by a German lesbian wearing tight black vinyl and reading a copy of the Satanic Bible which was different. We locked the door, and thank God the train was half empty so it was just her and I instead of the 6 people who were supposed to sleep in the 7' x 4' car. Maybe 4' is too generous.
So I got here and checked in and went to downtown Prague which is amazing. Loved it.
Then I went over to the Museum of Communism:

Which is of course inside the McDonalds. Here's a picture of Olga, the Russian from my work, in her better days of Communist bliss:

I love the anti-American stuff:

I bought some postcards and a book on Communism as I know almost nothing about it. How much did I pay? Who knows! The postcards were 12 Koruny for small and 45 Koruny for large and the book had no price - not like it would have helped anyway.
Then I went to the Prague National Museum, which has some great architecture:

This is now my background on my laptop:

There's this thing in Europe where everytime you want to use the toilet you have to pay. Everywhere. Don't know why. Even in Communist days you had to pay. I thought Communism meant free toilets for everyone??? Also they charge you to take pictures, in the museum and the Salt Mine it was an extra $5 to take pictures. At least I think it was $5.
The Museum was REALLY old, like 200 years old, and they had these cases set up:

This was a case of minerals and there were like 300 cases in 3 different rooms. Then the same with bugs. And other things.
My picture of the day is me walking in humanity's footstep:

Nice view from the top floor of the museum:

But when I left for someone reason the street filled with about 200 zombies:

I don't know why. No one there knew why. No one at the hostel knows why. Maybe it happens all the time.
This is the astrological clock that was surrounded by a billion people:

So I went to the Museum of Sex Machines to get away from the crowds.

It was surprisingly expensive to get in, I think.
More beautiful pictures of Prague, everywhere is beautiful.

I think you just need to see it at 6 a.m. to avoid all the people. I started taking pictures of people taking pictures as it was impossible not to get them in the shot anyway. All these shots I had about 1 second to take the picture before a group of 700 walked in front. I'll post the pictures of people taking pictures another time, I got some good shots.
Tomorrow I'm going to the castle in the morning and hopefully a bus tour or something as I need to get off my feet.
Czech for goodbye is pronounced nas-khled-ah-no-u. I got a phonetic dictionary from the hostel. I still can't figure out how to say anything. khled??? Speak English!

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