Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Think We're Alone Now documentary trailer

Yikes! Went to see "I Think We're Alone Now" last night, a movie about people who stalk Tiffany. Made me feel pretty normal!

I bought some special veggie products:

This is for the chili I made as without the meat it sucked and sucked.

I had my first veggie dog last night. T'was pretty good so I thought I'd try the sausages. Veggie stuff is expensive. 5 hot dogs were $4. What do you do with 6 hot dog buns and 5 dogs?

This is for the potluck at work tomorrow. Notice the 5 pounds of goodness with 7 cheeses. Yum. How will I heat this up in tinfoil in a microwave tomorrow? Oh, well, at least I brought something.

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