Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 6: Part 2

Yesterday I got into Berlin. This is my hostel room:

Well it was. When I went up there to check in I notice 4 20 year old girls and thought "This ain't good." When I went up to get my computer they were chatting and laughing. This was 11:30. At one am, I went in, got into bed and all I could hear is "BLAH, BLAH" (in German) and then "Hee, hee, hee" and sometimes shrieking laughter. So I reached into my bag for something sharp and put in my earplugs, no good. Tried music. Still heard them. So at 1:30 I got up and switched rooms. If I can find a place to buy a knife there will be 4 less German girls around.
So anyway, I got here at 4 and shopped and shopped. Did I mention I bought a pair of diamond earings in Prague? Well, I shopped some more. Then I just started walking and stopped 5 hours later. I was tired. Here's me in front of the Brandenburg Gate. The Berlin Wall was just on the other side of where I'm standing. That's also my new jacket.

This is the stupid holocaust memorial:

Moving? No. Here's a piece of the Berlin wall:

There's a marker all around the city where the wall was.
When I was the the Gate I saw this way in the distance and decided to take a picture of it:

It's the victory something. So I started walking, turns out it was 4.5 miles away. Fun! So I took the picture and then tried to find a subway. No! Had to walk the 4.5 miles back but now it was dark and I was in a park with Clark. So that was fun.
On the way back I saw this protest for Tibet in front of the German Parliament (the Dali Lama was in Berlin that afternoon):

And then I saw a memorial for people murdered trying to cross the wall:

But someone had added all their own propaganda about Chechnya to it at the end and was having a fit that the German government was going to remove their crap and pictures and flyers and leaflets. These people who died crossing the wall have like a corner of a chain link fence. Leave them alone!
And here's a night shot of the gate:

On to today!

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Danny said...

Four young German girls in the same room!!!! You lucky s.o.b.!