Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 5: Rain and Sleepy

Some good and bad things happened today as happens with life.
I thought I'd get up early and get to Prague Castle but when I woke up at 7:30 a.m. it was raining and cold so I went back to sleep and then had breakfast and surfed the net. I was thinking about just staying in all day but it feels like a waste when on vacation and I'm only in Prague for 2 days so I got out about 12:30.
It was about 10 degrees and rainy so not too many people which was nice.
My first stop was Prague Castle:

And my picture of the day. This girl was taking forever to take the one shot and I was getting frustrated but more things happened today and I didn't get a better picture.
From Prague Castle there was quite a nice view of the city:

And inside was amazing too.

The whole town is beautiful, you could take a picture anywhere. I went into a church today and it said "When this church was built in 993..." We don't have that kind of stuff in North America.
There was an exhibition of armour and clothes from the 1500's and the gift shop:

Was selling medieval stuff. This guy with his wife and kid was like looking at a sword. What do you do with that when you get home? Slay dragons?
This was cool:

And on my list of places you don't want to be.
Here's some other budiling:

And the view across the street from here:

The whole town.
So then I broke my watch by slamming my arm accidentally against a stone wall, so I got this one:

Which when I put it on I realized it has a date feature which I love. I can't figure out how to take close-up pictures with my camera though.
Some more things happened. I nearly ate meat, but didn't. I went to a gay bar and felt a bit dejected and was thinking "If I feel like this at 29, I'm going to have to dredge the lake for a man when I hit 50." Then I met a blond Nordic hot hot farmer fellow and all was well again. I was talking to this lady from Australia in my room and she's leaving for Berlin tomorrow and staying at the same hostel as me. The train leaves every 2 hours, she's on the 10:36 am which sounds a little early. Plus while I enjoyed talking to her for an hour tonight, will 5 hours be the same? So I think I'll leave here at check out time, 10 a.m., check out a couple stores around here (they aren't open on the weekend in most of Czech, only the tourist shops are open) and then take the 12:36 to Berlin, arriving at 5 or so. Last city, one week left. I'm enjoying it but I miss my cat and iced coffee and... well, I don't want to focus on the negatives. I'm really having an AMAZING time and I see the whole world differently.
I thought before I came here that the whole world drove on the left except for North America. WRONG! Poland and Czech drive on the right. Where do I get my knowledge from?
I think my statue from yesterday looks a bit like Rhett Butler. I love it. I've never seen a nude male statue in a museum before that had a mustache.

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