Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 7: Ich bin Berliner.

Woke up at like 9:45 and realized I was going to miss my tour at 10 so I moved it to another day and went to the zoo.
I love the zoo. Especially in Europe when you can get so close to the animals.

My picture for the day is me feeding a goat:

I love animals and this goat was so young it was still feeding from it's mother which I've never seen before. She didn't seem to happy.
You could buy these feed pellets which I had to force myself to stop doing, and the last thing I fed was a goose:

And this sheep was nearby and got so mad I wasn't feeding it he rammed us both, knocking me over and making the goose hiss.

Two boys holding hands:

I'm still doing some of my pictures of people taking pictures and when you take pictures of kids out of the blue some parents don't like that. I'll probably be in the clink before the week is out.
I thought the dear were going to eat me they were so close:

And my favourite is the meer cats:

This is a great shot of the tiger:

When I went to eat lunch I made a few thousand friends with birds and my spaghetti:

There was an aquarium on site:

And they had some cool reptiles like this iguana:

Whoops I think I just broke the internet again. So I won't be able to post this until tomorrow.
This is a church that got bombed in the war:

So they took all the broken pieces of glass from the windows and made this:

Which I think is pretty ingenious.
Finally I found the gay section:

With the largest gay store I've ever seen. I think it's the largest in the world, it's certainly the biggest in New York, London, Chicago and Toronto. Maybe San Francisco? Anyway, it's big and I spent 2 hours there and a ton of money.
Then I found the gay and lesbian centre and took 150 or so pamphlets for the Archives in Toronto and they must have thought I was crazy. I found out about a gallery I went to see but it was closed.
Going to the Herbert Tobias exhibition tomorrow.
I love that I keep finding new stuff to do here. It's pretty cool here, it's really developed and lots of history and shopping and the people are nice. Best city yet! Ich bin ein Berliner!

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Ellstar said...

Your iguana looks more like a chameleon!