Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Taking it Easy

Well, I had planned on taking it easy this week so that won't happen. Tonight I am going to see My Fellow Creatures at Buddies at 8 and I also have to pick up a DVD I won in a draw from Priape signed by gay star Matthew Rush. Tomorrow I go to the dentist and then volunteering at the Archives. Thursday the Toronto Cyclists Union is showing Pee Wee's Picture Show:
At the Bloor.
I think the Archives is having a fundraiser this weekend although I have yet to commit to anything I expect I will be dragged in. I have to get back on eBay selling stuff as my appartment is FULL of stuff to sell.
Thursday June 5 is Footloose: The Musical, and Sunday June 8 is Blue Jays Photo Day. Pride Day and the Atlanta Braves and George Michael and then I'm back on vacation for another 15 days. I have to plan that at some point. The car will be $545, I may have to sleep in it. I don't know if I can afford lodging AND gas. Fingers crossed!

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