Sunday, September 28, 2008


One thing I hate about the internet is the ease with which people can send messages. That people can not think, send something at one in the morning, that can just devastate. And I hate that you have that waiting, this ticking time bomb in your email, just waiting for you to click it.
I remember once I had a brother. Once I had two. And although you think that someone has hurt you as much as they can. And although you think you have made some sense of that which does not make sense. And although you just don't think about it.
Sometimes, it can come back, at one in the morning, and attack you again, like new.
And what do you do with that?

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Anonymous said...

You remember that there are real people out there that care about you and that you are the one in control and with the power over your own emotions.
and you remember that not everything has to make sense.

some things just is.

and some people you just have to say gracias to. knowing that they are so full of sh!t that they have grass on their a$$. so there.