Thursday, September 11, 2008


As usual, my sedate lifestyle is creeping up on me. I have so much to do it takes me about 3 hours a day to research it all and plan.
Friday I'll be picking up pictures from my last vacation and see The Celluloid Closet outside at Yonge/Dundas square at 8:30.
Saturday getting my laptop back (my desktop now has a virus, yipee!!!). Then off to the nursing home to see my grandfather and back for Patrik 1,5 at the Film Fest at 9 pm.
Sunday the AIDS Walk with my mom (up to $370!) where she will try to make my buy an expensive luggage set. My old one isn't that broken and there's photo books I'd rather buy for $65 (see below). I was thinking of just sewing up the broken zipper and not using that pocket. It's free.
Tuesday I have expensive seats at the baseball game which they sent me out of the blue. It's vs. Baltimore so I've been saving my Brian Roberts T-shirt to wear.
Wednesday is an art gallery opening for Anthony Goicolea. I purchased one of his previous books for about $60, with pictures like this:

They're all him in the picture. I thought it was a cool idea. I think it may be signed already (must check!) but if not I'll take it to get signed by him and his new stuff is apocolyptic:

I love this picture, it's really cool. Then I have to RUN from there to a book reading for a new novel called Shuck at the Gladstone.
Friday is the Jay Brannan concert.
Saturday is the Johnny Hazard show.

Who the Hell knows what's happening with that? I got a ticket for $17. The paper says tickets are $10 and an "exxxtra" show is another $10. So what is this ticket I have good for, confetti? I still have no idea what any of these shows involve.
The following weekend is Word on the Street, my mom's the weekend after that, and then Paris. Someone plan a trip to Paris for me, would you?

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