Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Problem with Stephen Harper

The new issue of Xtra has a supplement on the evils of Stephen Harper.
I can understand the defense mechanism, with constant vitriol against homosexuals like the comments posted below, I can understand the need to be wary.
What I don't get is why you attack someone without basis.
There's a quote from Todd Klink, something like how he was watching Stephen Harper on TV and was agreeing with him, which is too scary and something everyone should fight against. We are told how a majority government will take away our rights and push us into the dark ages. Where is the proof?
Fact - The Liberal party in Ontario said they would not raise taxes, then instituted the biggest tax increase in history.
Fact - The NDP in Ontario cut wages for government employees in the early 1990's, forcing them to take unpaid days off and not working with the union and not lowering their own salaries.
Fact - Stephen Harper has promised no social conservative agenda and has governed fiscally responsibly for the last 2 years.
What I like best about being a Conservative is that I'm never disappointed. I have not yet been lied to. I hear all the time how political parties are all lairs, but I haven't seen that from the Conservatives.
From the article:
"When in the next election, Harper became Canada’s prime minister with a minority government, gays and lesbians began to prepare for battle. However, as time passed and Harper made no move to outlaw homosexuality, there was some relaxation in the gay and lesbian community."
"Harper managed to work in an undisguised plug: “I always make it clear that Christians are welcome in politics,” he said, “and particularly welcome in our party."
"Despite these bonds, some Jews remain deeply suspicious of Christian Zionists and the theology that fuels their zeal: the theories of a 19th-century rebel deacon named John Nelson Darby, the father of dispensationalism. On repeated missions to North America between 1862 and 1877 — some of which included pulpit stops in Toronto — Darby touted a new scriptural timeline based on a vision he’d had after falling off a horse."
None of the article talks about Stephen Harper. It talks about a Texas minister, a horse, some things that happened in 1862. The article itself was written in 2006. Chilling isn't it? What an indictment of the Conservative Party!!!
The problem with Stephen Harper is Liberals who won't give him a chance. I have read so many articles, "You know how he's done nothing to hurt us and fired everyone who has ever spoken against gays? That makes him WORSE!"
Grow up. Vote Conservative.

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