Monday, September 29, 2008

What Would Tim Gunn Do?

Project Runway was great this week.
Tim Gunn is amazing, I love him.
I believe there is three levels for dealing with conflict in life.
The base level where you react and say whatever you want.
Then this mid level where you think before you speak.
Then a final level where you have the ability to state articulately what you need and stay true to yourself. I can this last level the Tim Gunn level. As in "What would Tim Gunn do?"
Tim Gunn is the mentor on Project Runway. He is there to offer advice to the contestants. So he started talking to this one women and she was defensive as soon as he said hello.
He was able to turn it around so quickly. He explained he was here to help. He said "It would help if you removed the sarcasm and facetiousness." Five dollar words also help.
See I'm thinking I need an attitude as I'm seeing my brother this weekend. I know he's going to come at me with aggression, hostility and I need to think what to do about that. What would Tim Gunn do?
I think Tim Gunn would just not take it. Like he'd have some line that would put it all into perspective. But would he be up at 4:40 am? I called in sick to work tomorrow so I can sleep. Life has been better.
I remember when I was younger I used to like emotional talks in the middle of the night. Now I hate them.
I bet Tim Gunn's asleep right now.

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