Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Live Sex Show

Do you tell the truth or do you gloss things over? I think from the number of people who read this blog, you know I tell the truth. How else to make it interesting, readable, relateable?
Let's start off with my half page picture in Fab magazine:

I have had a cold for the last few days so today I mostly napped and watched Will & Grace. I got up about 7:15 and got there for 7:45. Hottie and the boyfriend were there right away. Here's a picture of hottie with Johnny:

So we got inside and sat down in the lounge circling a pool table, which I assumed was the performance stage and waited an hour an a half.
The boyfriend was quiet, standing in the corner and saying nothing. Hottie was chatting with friends off and on so I started to talk to the boyfriend and it was a bit like pulling teeth.
The show began and about halfway through I asked the boyfriend what he thought and he said "The sex shows in Amsterdam are better, they have some class." Like he was all that, so I told him I was going to Amsterdam and he says, "Oh, I mean Australia." As if he could possibly lower himself to be there, which really lightened the mood.

So Johnny basically danced on the pool table and took off his clothes for 20 minutes which was good but it was a bit dark.
Afterward he signed photos and took pictures with people (notice the butt tattoo):

And the boyfriend took this time to stop pouting long enough to leave. Hottie and I talked about boyfriend trouble, which again really picked up the mood of the evening, and then off to the XXX show.
There was a room in the back and about 30 men crowded in. Everyone was in towels except for me, hottie and about 2 others. The room didn't have sound so they went out and got a CD player but it didn't work so they put on the radio, Opera. The arias did not highten the evening so that was quickly shut off and Johnny came in, sat down and masturbated. There was a tension in the room, the guy beside me was totally naked and I was trying to get a read on the situation and quickly it was over.
Went home, writing a blog.
Hottie did mention the boyfriend has a profile on dudesnude, so I'm off to find that. I can't picture princess pout naked.
Oh and the best part, when the boyfriend left he said "Bye Robert" and walked away, never even acknowledging me. Fun. I think I made a friend.

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