Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a disaster

Well, today has sucked.

I suppose it all started last night when I went to the Terrence Davies Trilogy at the Toronto International Film Festival. The movie was quite dark, about being repressed in Liverpool for 40 years. Ever heard of moving? Anyway, there was a Q & A with the director afterward where he said "I hate being gay, it has ruined my whole life." Twice. He went on to say how life wouldn't be worth living if it weren't for classical music.

I went to a meeting at the archives last night. It was 2.5 hours long but I could only stay 30 minutes. They want to start a lending library at the archives which is fine except we don't have room or books anyone wants to borrow. The books people would want to borrow must stay locked up until the building falls in, which should be any second now. When I left they were suggesting an 85 year old man rotate the two shelves of books every week so people wouldn't say we never had anything to read. Rotate what books? Can the paramedics help him move the boxes of books when he drops on the floor? I voted we should just disband the whole archives and join other organizations. The motion almost carried.

Then I got home for lunch and spilled 2 litres of koolaid on my newly fixed computer.

It looked something like this. The monitor went black. It was running in puddles off the hard drive. The mouse sticks now. Everything sticks. I vote I move and start over somewhere else.

Oh and I sold a bunch of stuff on eBay for the archives and now people are calling me day and night asking questions. Who uses a phone anymore? This isn't international bank mergers, I sold them a magazine, how hard can it be?
Guy: Hi. Do you accept checks?
Me: I sent you an invoice saying I accept checks or money orders. Did you notice the CHECK part?
Guy: But I'm in America, is that ok?
Me: Yes.
Guy: So will you take my check from America?
Me: (wondering how to send a mail bomb)

So Xtra magazine, Toronto's gay free paper, put Terence Davies, the gay hating director from above on the cover this week and relagated this great article by my husband John Caffery to the web only section.

There was a highlight. I was given a lot of cherry tomatoes by my friend Joe. That is all.

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