Friday, April 20, 2012

Signed: The Sluts by Dennis Cooper

As I mentioned previously, I sent a few books and about $50 cash to Dennis Cooper, who is one of my favourite authors, in the hopes that I would get them back. He thanked me for reminding him to send them the other day, it does honestly seem like he is willing to sign them and send them back, whether it actually ever happens or not, we'll see.

I sent him Closer and The Sluts, my favourite two of his books. When I was looking online on abebooks for signed copies of books by him, I found a limited edition printing of The Sluts.

The edition is illustrated, numbered, and limited to 550 copies, all signed by both Cooper and the illustrator. I bought this copy, number 450, off the internet from New Jersey for $60. It's a beautiful edition, very nicely bound, but to say the illustrations are sparse would be an understatement, they're barely there.

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