Friday, April 20, 2012

Signed: The Works of Josh Kilmer-Purcell

Josh Kilmer-Purcell is my favourite author, I love him, I love his sense of humour, I love his warmth and his sarcasm, I love his looks, everything.

I first found his address from his Beekman 1802 website, where in the FAQ's it says you can send Josh his book with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and he'll sign it and send it back.  I sent him my hard-cover, first edition of his most recent book, The Bucolic Plague, with an envelope and as I live in Canada and can't buy US stamps, I just sent a $20 US bill.  I've used this method a couple of times and it works, I figure send more than is required and advise them to keep any change.

I was THRILLED when I got the book back in the mail signed by both him and his partner Brent Ridge. When I went to New York and sent a few parcels out, I also sent him copies of his first two books, the New York Times bestselling memoir I Am Not Myself These Days, and his first work of fiction, Candy Everybody Wants.  For Candy Everybody Wants, I has asked that he sign it to Adam, so inside it says "ADAM"!!! in huge letters followed by his signature which was cute and a little cheeky.  The original copy of I Am Not Myself These Days I got from the library, so I bought a copy online to have signed, and I was pleasantly surprised when this disco fish cover arrived with the variant British cover which I much prefer.  Unfortunately I lent it to a friend who promptly spilled something all over it, so I had to send to England for another copy that I could get signed.  It doesn't feel right asking someone to sign something covered in filth.

I got those two copies back in the mail, and then on November 26, 2011, the Beekman Boys came to Toronto, both of them, and I got to meet them and hug them and it couldn't have been a better day.  They were as amazing and nice and handsome and caring in person, I was awestruck.  They both signed my paperback copy of the Bucolic Plague (the paperback came out with extra stuff the Hardcover didn't have, so I bought that too) and their new cookbook, The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook.  They also signed the event poster I managed to take home and their DVD and I got a photo with them and a hug, they couldn't have been more accommodating.

This cookbook by the way is the deal of the century. Available at Amazon for under $20, it looks like it costs $80.  Full colour photos, amazing recipes, little touches like inside the cover it says "First generation to own this book" with a place to write your name, super high quality printing, it really is amazing.  I have given a few away already and plan to give many more, it looks so expensive and is so high quality, no one will know it was under $20 and I love supporting the guys. 

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